by Hell08s

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released July 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Hell08s Fresno, California

HELL08S EST.2013

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Track Name: Villains Promise
Most hated villains prisoner savilians listen to the spilling of a demon driven village women and children innocence forgiveness poisonous killing irrational feeling the up most burnt toast me the devil I'm the host depths of hell ur gonna roast in the streets I'm gonna post conflicts will have you on your knees begging the crypt to come and feed you the week a burning man walking believes in his beast a nomad talking watches the trees society moves in repetition since the beginning of time these trends have caused pollution diverse crowds will exchange their culture the thoughtless tools will watch like vultures the tag along pretentious the tasteless still break barriers by hopping the the fences Virtual illusions of what seem fitting your grips on reality seem to be quiting X marks the spot when it rains negative thought alone in your cave or your hand picked by the cops the heartless zombies will intoxicate their lives armageddon in the streets Hell08s in your eyes
looking for thugs humans doing drugs all in a days work retreat from up above
Boss man digital living life cynical cause and a effect consequence of excess identify the truth chem trailed youth cold blooded truth JOHN WILKES BOOTH guilt and overwhelming shame the cinematic temple witch craft veins typical tactics predictable moves pitiful passage regurgitated grooves murda judgmental types will be facing for fronts cannibalistic values disguised abortions a gruesome street sweeper detaining old thieves attendance for gold in trade for all your teeth injustice may disgust us but thats what keeps us chasing the goal is never met continue to push and sound amazing dignity is fulfilled with what you perceive shallow performances won't give you what you need i heart that you see the truth cause your dreams your fantasies can and will be slaughtered by the youth in circumstance i understand knowing that you have the will leading villains to the promise land
Track Name: Virtual Success
communities will draw back opportunity death trap burn the witch for a night cap your life placed on contract sketch pad visual moral based principal street scene biblical cautionary digital alone and rejected the wrong get corrected the villains become respected the socially connected revealing tutorial flowering memorial camera based pictorial them evil dreams metaphorical I'm bleeding out the beast masked by the priest demons are released holy wars in the east vindicated by bliss never anticipated this opening doors sending reports blood on the shore settle the score
Curtains will close on the greatest stages dope fiends continue to pick at there faces virtual success sneaking up from behind with all at stake your visions go bling immortality up on horizon harsh realities will eat up the lions brutality blue beat up the obnoxious walking away your stomach feeling noxious failure has its vortex pawn of the rolex Porsche defeats Ferrari nintendo complied atari on up gain theres only one up winner losing team chooses to be a sinner sporting negative head band optimism of a dead man morality has its price achievement builds into a vice learning process hurt so greatly cross the line can't stop debating contemplating death from an evil eyed thought murder has its depth corporations been bought
Track Name: Black Optimism
Endless years I've watched burnin souls from the underground living off your fears no conscious will be cleared aligning the continents the future deserves monuments in soul powered comprehension colossal beats bleed redemption through the flood reigning blood consequence increase job security defeats the heat your flying like an athlete pure sting of the flesh failing blood test black wing I'm possessed now your on house arrest a double edged sword strikes down through the stone salting the sea reinventing its throne we can not see what we can not be evil lies in society human energy upon action mental physical closed caption balance mediums over analytical view the street through the eyes of the pitiful living this life is more that difficult passage in the bible has now become digital enemies clash they react in desperate measure finding the source reveal all endeavors the evil warlock captures the prince silence his voice fill up this lip who below 6 feet lying beneath a dead beat covenant serves no mercy your bodies a drug drugs unlock the perky false confident love the undying prominent the truth will serve as fraudulent the awareness persists the small talk exist annihilate the sith preoccupy the witch spitting gossip so quick evil lips will witness social field filthy rich empty body begins to twitch empty pockets start to itch the dead bodies in a ditch truth sings perfect pitch close out your evil eye your actions got you tongue tied war cry tough guy.